Peter's publications

Peter Mayr's Publications

  1. PM. Polynomial functions on squarefree groups. International Journal of Algebra and Computation (IJAC), 18 (2008), no. 4, 759--777. Preprint for [IJAC] [2007] [copyright World Scientific Publishing Company] []
  2. Erhard Aichinger and PM. Polynomial clones on groups of order pq. Acta Math. Hungar., 114 (2007), no. 3, 267--285. [pdf]
  3. Günter Landsmann, PM, Josef Schicho. A topological property of polynomial functions on GL(2,R). Aequationes Mathematicae, 73 (2007), no. 1-2, 71--77. [pdf]
  4. PM. Sharply 2-transitive groups with point stabilizer of exponent 3 or 6. Proc. Amer. Math. Soc., 134(1):9--13, (2006).
  5. PM. The polynomial functions on Frobenius complements. Acta Sci. Math. (Szeged), 72(2006):37--50. [pdf]
  6. Tim Boykett and PM. Fixed-point-free Automorphism Groups from Rings. Southeast Asian Bulletin of Mathematics, 29(2):253--257, 2005.
  7. Tim Boykett and PM. Difference methods and Ferrero pairs. In Nearrings and Nearfields (Hamburg, 2003), 177 - 187. Springer, Netherlands, 2005.
  8. Erhard Aichinger and PM. Polynomial functions and endomorphism near-rings on certain linear groups. Comm. Algebra, 31(11):5627--5651, 2003.
  9. PM and Fiorenza Morini. Nearrings whose set of N-subgroups is linearly ordered. Results Math., 42(3-4):339--348, 2002.
  10. Franz Binder and PM. Algorithms for finite near-rings and their N-groups. J. Symbolic Comput., 32(1-2):23--38, 2001. Computer algebra and mechanized reasoning (St. Andrews, 2000). [pdf]
  11. Franz Binder, Erhard Aichinger, Jürgen Ecker, Christof Nöbauer, PM. Algorithms for Near-rings of Non-linear Transformations. Proceedings of the ISSAC 2000, pp. 23-29, St. Andrews, Scotland, ACM, 2000. [pdf]
  1. Enrico Jabara and PM. Frobenius complements of exponent dividing 2^m * 9. Forum Math., to appear. [pdf]
Other publications:
  1. PM. Polynomial Functions on Classical Groups and Frobenius Groups. PhD thesis, University Linz, 2004. [pdf]
  2. Erhard Aichinger, Franz Binder, Jürgen Ecker, PM, and Christof Nöbauer. SONATA - system of near-rings and their applications. GAP package, Version 2; 2003.
  3. PM and Fiorenza Morini. Finite Weakly Divisible Near-rings. Johannes Kepler University Linz - Reports of the Mathematical Institutes, 555, 2000. [pdf]
  4. PM. Fixed-point-free Representations over Fields of Prime Characteristic. Johannes Kepler University Linz - Reports of the Mathematical Institutes, 554, 2000. [pdf]
  5. PM. Finite Fixed-point-free Automorphism Groups. Diploma thesis, University Linz, 1999. [pdf]
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