The generating function of Kreweras walks with interacting boundaries is not algebraic

Detailed computations

Algebraic equation for \(Q(1,1)\)

  • Algebraic equation annihilating \(Q(1,1;t)\) modulo \(45007\) : files

Other data

  • Recurrence operator annihilating the sequence \(q_{h,v,u,0,0,n/3}\) for the case \(c=ab\) : files
    Each file coef_<i>_<j>.sobj is a Sage object file corresponding to a polynomial \(c_{i,j} \in \mathbb{Q}[A,B]\), the final recurrence is \(\sum c_{i,j} n^j S_n^i\).
  • Algebraic equation annihilating \(Q(0,0;t^{1/3})\) for the case \(c=ab\): plain text file or Sage object file