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Monday 11.09.2017

09.00Victor Buchstaber
Infinite-dimensional Lie algebras with the structures of finite generated modules
09.35Alexander V. Mikhailov
The space of symmetric squares of hyperelliptic curves: infinite-dimensional Lie algebras and polynomial integrable dynamical systems on C^4
10.10Coffee break
10.40Wei Li
Differential Chow forms and differential Chow varieties: an overview
11.15Vladimir Bavula
Generalized Weyl algebras and diskew polynomial rings
11.50Ruyong Feng
Difference Galois groups under specialization
12.25Lunch break
14.00Matthias Aschenbrenner
Valued differential fields
14.35Lou van den Dries
Differential henselianity
15.10Coffee break + poster session
15.40Johannes Middeke
A Direct Method for Denominator Bounds of Linear Recurrence Systems
16.15Jacques Sauloy
Local analytic theory of q-difference equations

Tuesday 12.09.2017

09.00Jonathan Kirby
Interdefinability of analytic functions using Ax-Schanuel
09.35Sonja Rueda
One-parameter form factorizations of KdV stationary Schrödinger operators
10.10Coffee break
10.40Matthias Seiß
On the generic Inverse Problem for the Classical Groups
11.15Michael Wibmer
Triviality of Torsors for Difference Algebraic Groups
11.50Lunch break

Wednesday 13.09.2017

09.00Alberto De Sole
Quantum finite and classical affine W-algebras for classical Lie algebras
09.35Silvain Rideau
Prolongations in valued fields
10.10Coffee break
10.40David Blazquez Sanz
Parallelisms, Lie connections, and transitive Lie algebra actions
11.15Irena Kogan
Generalization of an integrability theorem of Darboux
11.50Mohamed Barakat
Programming categories
12.25Lunch break
14.00Shaoshi Chen
Some open problems related to creative telescoping
14.35Jacques-Arthur Weil
Reduction and Differential Galois Group of Reducible Linear Differential Systems
15.10Coffee break + poster session
15.40Zoé Chatzidakis
Notions of difference closures of difference fields
16.15Viktor Levandovskyy
Factorization of Noncommutative Polynomials

Thursday 14.09.2017

09.00Xing Gao
On integro-differential algebras
09.35Annette Bachmayr
Differential Galois theory over large fields of constants
10.10Coffee break
10.40James Freitag
The algebraic relations between solutions of Painleve equations
11.15Martin Scheicher
Gröbner Bases over Finitely Generated Affine Monoids and Applications to Systems of Difference Equations
11.50Lunch break

Accepted posters