AAA76 -- 76th Workshop on General Algebra
76. Arbeitstagung Allgemeine Algebra
Linz, Austria, May 22-25, 2008




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AAA series

Please note that Thursday, May 22, is a holiday ("Feiertag") in Austria and consequently public transport is restricted. Trains and busses that only operate on "Werktag" will not run on May 22.
  • Train:

    Train schedules can be found at or
  • From train station to university:

    In order to reach the university campus or the Hotel Sommerhaus-Julius Raabheim from the main train station of Linz (Hauptbahnhof Linz) take tram number 1 or 2 from "Hauptbahnhof" to the terminal station "Universität" It is a 25 min ride from "Hauptbahnhof" to "Universität". Tickets have to be purchased from vending machines at the tram stops. The machines at the stations "Hauptbahnhof" and "Universität" accept coins and bills, most of the others only take coins. A long distance one-way ticket, called "Midi", for the ride from "Hauptbahnhof" to "Universität" is 1.70 EUR. A day pass is 3.40 EUR. More information can be found at
    • To get to the university campus from the tram station "Universität" cross the road "Altenberger Strasse" on your left.
    • To get to the Hotel Sommerhaus-Julius Raabheim from the tram station "Universität" turn right and walk toward the school and continue in this direction on the small road "Aubrunnerweg" till it ends after some 300 m; then turn right again and you will see a tall building - this is the Hotel Sommerhaus-Julius Raabheim. It is a walk of about 600m. You can find a map for this walk here.
  • Plane:

    • On weekdays (Monday-Saturday) and once on Sundays (at 16:30), there is a shuttle bus from the international "Blue Danube Airport Linz" (LNZ) to the main train station (Hauptbahnhof Linz). Since May 22 is a holiday in Austria, there is no bus running on that Thursday. The schedule can be found at
    • There is a free shuttle bus from the airport to the nearby train station Hörsching. This shuttle runs every day between 5 am and 10 pm on demand. You can require the shuttle at the airport information counter and at the train station Hörsching by telephone (tollfree number 0800/206 600). Trains leave Hörsching for Linz approximately every hour. Please find the schedule at
    • The cost for a taxi from the airport to the university is approximately 40 EUR.
  • Car:

    Coming from the freeway A1, at the freeway intersection "Knoten Linz" leave the freeway A1. Then you are on the A7 in the direction Prag-Freistadt. After crossing the Danube river, take the second exit "Linz-Dornach".
    • To get to the university campus from here go straight ahead at the traffic lights and follow "Altenberger Strasse". After approximatly 800m and crossing the tram rails and traffic lights, you see the terminal station of the tram at your right. Straight after the next traffic lights turn left in the parking site of the university. This is a map that shows the freeway exit Dornach, the university campus and the terminal stop "Universität" of the tramway.
    • To get to the Hotel Sommerhaus-Julius Raabheim from the exit "Linz-Dornach" turn right at the traffic lights into the "Freistädter Strasse" in direction "Perg, Gallneukirchen". After roughly 400m, just under the freeway-bridge, turn left into "Julius Raab Strasse". Follow it and after 450m the tall building there is the Sommerhaus - Julius Raabheim.
  • Maps: