Index of examples

The following submodules provide useful data from various applications for use with ore_algebra (e.g., annihilating operators for generating series of combinatorial objects) along with examples of computations that one can do starting from this data.

cbt Asymptotic enumeration of Compacted Binary Trees
fcc Face-centered cubic lattices
iint Iterated integrals
periods Periods of hypersurfaces
ssw Small-step walks
stdfun Elementary and special functions
sage: from ore_algebra.examples import fcc, ssw
sage: ssw.dop[1,0,0]
(16*t^4 - t^2)*Dt^3 + (144*t^3 - 9*t)*Dt^2 + (288*t^2 - 15)*Dt + 96*t
sage: fcc.dop4.order()