Seminar Algebra and Discrete Mathematics

This is the research seminar of the Instiute of Algebra, where we discuss ongoing research activities of ourselves and visitors. Students considering to do a bachelor's or master's or phd thesis at the institute are welcome to participate in the seminar in order to get a flavor of what we are doing. As a JKU student, you can get credits for attending the seminar if you give a talk. If you want to do this, please contact Manuel Kauers in order to discuss possible topics. Even if you don't want to give a talk but only listen to what we are doing, please register for the seminar in KUSSS. (No negative credits will be issued for people dropping out during the semester, or for attendees who don't want to contribute a talk.)

Unless otherwise stated, the seminar takes place on Thursdays, 13.45--15.15 in S3 048.


05.10.2017  13:45
Manuel Kauers,
Hermite Pade Approximation
S3 048
12.10.2017  13:45
Maximilian Jaroschek, TU Wien
WHILE (looking for invariants) DO algebra;
S3 048
19.10.2017  13:45
Stefano Fioravanti, University of Siena
Some very weak Mal’cev conditions
S3 048
19.10.2017  14:30
Tim Boykett,
Composition rings to approach functional equations
S3 048
09.11.2017  13:45
Marc Mezzarobba,
Numerical evaluation of D-finite functions in ore_algebra: A progress report
S3 048
16.11.2017  13:45
Manuel Kauers,
Fast evaluation and interpolation
S3 048
23.11.2017  13:45
Clement Requile,
Enumeration of regular planar graphs
S3 048
07.12.2017  13:45
Thibaut Verron,
Algebraic classification methods for an optimal control problem in medical imagery
S3 048
14.12.2017  13:45
Sebastian Kreinecker,
Undecidability Of Diophantine Equations
S3 048
11.01.2018  13:45
Yi Zhang, RICAM
Laurent Series Solutions of Algebraic Ordinary Differential Equations
S3 048
18.01.2018  13:45
Peter Fuchs,
Forcing linearity numbers for coatomic modules
S3 048
25.01.2018  13:45
Clemens Raab,
Algebraic proofs of operator identities
S3 048