Seminar Algebra and Discrete Mathematics

This is the research seminar of the Instiute of Algebra, where we discuss ongoing research activities of ourselves and visitors. Students considering to do a bachelor's or master's or phd thesis at the institute are welcome to participate in the seminar in order to get a flavor of what we are doing. As a JKU student, you can get credits for attending the seminar if you give a talk. If you want to do this, please contact Manuel Kauers in order to discuss possible topics. Even if you don't want to give a talk but only listen to what we are doing, please register for the seminar in KUSSS. (No negative credits will be issued for people dropping out during the semester, or for attendees who don't want to contribute a talk.)

Unless otherwise stated, the seminar takes place on Thursdays, 13.45--15.15 in S2 219.


08.03.2018  13:45
Manuel Kauers,
Symmetry breaking in SAT and QBF
S2 219
15.03.2018  13:45
Thomas Sturm, CNRS, Inria, and the University of Lorraine, Nancy
Real Problems over the Reals From Complete Elimination Procedures to Subtropical Decisions
S2 219
22.03.2018  13:45
Erhard Aichinger,
Various meanings of "nilpotency": From groups to universal algebras
S2 219
22.03.2018  14:30
Christoph Koutschan, RICAM
Search for Wolstenholme Primes
S2 219
12.04.2018  13:45
Temur Kutsia,
Generalization algorithms and applications
S2 219
19.04.2018  13:45
Maria Francis,
Signature-based Gröbner basis algorithms for polynomial rings over rings
S2 219
26.04.2018  13:45
Fritz Kliemann,
Deciding Presburger arithmetic using finite automatons
S2 219
26.04.2018  14:30
Yi Zhang,
Desingularization in the q-Weyl algebra
S2 219
03.05.2018  13:45
Sebastian Moharitsch,
Best known Strassen applications for 3x3 and 5x5 matrix multiplication with a construction by tensors isotropies
S2 219
03.05.2018  14:30
Ingolf Neumüller,
A new explanation of Strassen's algorithm
S2 219
17.05.2018  14:30
Jamal Hossein Poor,
Symbolic computation for integro-differential-time-delay operators with matrix coefficients
S2 219
24.05.2018  13:45
Philipp Nuspl,
Solving Linear Recurrence Equations with Polynomial Coefficients
S2 219
24.05.2018  14:30
Nikolaus Felbermair,
(1 + i)-ary GCD Computation in Z[i] as an Analogue to the Binary GCD Algorithm
S2 219
07.06.2018  13:45
Clemens Hofstadler,
Implementation of D-finite sequences/functions in Sage
S2 219
07.06.2018  14:30
Sophie Hofmanninger,
Plane Partitions
S2 219
14.06.2018  13:45
Elisabeth Landl,
The Fuchs Relation
S2 219
14.06.2018  14:30
Maximilian Jaroschek,
Low Order Recombinations of C-Finite Sequences
S2 219
21.06.2018  13:45
Manfred Buchacher,
going together. lattice walks and the kernel method.
S2 219
21.06.2018  14:30
Tim Boykett,
Notes on the 'physics' of computation
S2 219
28.06.2018  13:45
Stefano Fioravanti,
Clones on Z_p x Z_q
S2 219
28.06.2018  14:30
Sebastian Kreinecker,
Closed function sets on groups of prime order
S2 219