Seminar Algebra and Discrete Mathematics

Schedule for ws2021

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07.10.2021  13:45
Manuel Kauers,
Closure Properties for ADE Functions
T 406
14.10.2021  13:45
Clemens Hofstadler,
Signature Groebner Bases
T 406
21.10.2021  13:45
Thibaut Verron,
Extensions of signature Gröbner bases: rings and the free algebra
T 406
28.10.2021  13:45
Jakob Obrovsky,
An Algorithm to determine the Algebraicity of Gauss Hypergeometric Functions
T 406
28.10.2021  14:30
Erhard Aichinger,
When is the value of a polynomial determined by the value of other polynomials?
T 406
04.11.2021  13:45
Paul Hametner,
The Tarski irredundant basis theorem and the finite soluble groups
T 406
11.11.2021  13:45
Julia Reidinger,
The RSK algorithm
T 406
18.11.2021  13:45
Peter Fuchs,
Kernels of covered groups over completely regular inverse semigroups
T 406
25.11.2021  13:45
David Stinner,
Polynomial equations and notions of solvability
02.12.2021  13:45
Jakob Moosbauer,
On the Additive Complexity of Matrix Multiplication
09.12.2021  13:45
Klara Bernauer,
Hermite Interpolation with error correction
16.12.2021  13:45
Clemens Raab,
Reduction systems and degree bounds for integration
13.01.2022  13:45
Shaoshi Chen, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Stability Problems in Symbolic Integration and Summation
20.01.2022  13:45
Bernardo Rossi,
On when the union of two algebraic sets is algebraic
27.01.2022  13:45
Lixin Du,
Shift Equivalence Testing of Multivariate Polynomials