21.01.2020  14:00 Lecture Series Artificial Inteligence
Holger Hoos, University of Leiden & CLAIRE, Netherlands
Addressing the AI Talent Bottleneck by Automating Artificial Intelligence
HS 1
21.01.2020  15:30 NuMa Seminar
Daniel Jodlbauer,
Matrix-Free Solvers for Nonlinear Problems - Performance Optimizations and Implementational Details
S2 054
22.01.2020  10:00
Vishnupriya Anupindi, RICAM
Additive energy and character sums estimates
SP2 416-1
22.01.2020  17:15 Johannes Kepler Symposium Series B
Mario Kapl,
Smooth isogeometric spline spaces for multi-patch geometries
HS 12
23.01.2020  13:45 Seminar Algebra and Discrete Mathematics
Stefano Fioravanti,
Clones of expanded groups of squarefree order
S2 219
23.01.2020  15:30 IFAS Research Seminar
Peter Filzmoser, TU Wien
Robust and sparse k-means clustering in high dimension
S2 Z74
28.01.2020  14:00 Lecture Series Artificial Inteligence
Hendrik Strobelt, IBM Research, Cambridge, USA
HS 1
30.01.2020  13:45 Seminar Algebra and Discrete Mathematics
Thibaut Verron,
S2 219
04.02.2020  11:00 Seminar Algorithmic Combinatorics
Prof. Wadim Zudilin, Radboud Universiteit, The Netherlands
I Prefer PI
RISC, Hagenberg
11.02.2020  13:00 Guest lecture
Jörg Wenzel,
Asset price processes when volatility is high, with an application to Monte-Carlo simulation
S2 046
30.03.2020  13:30 Guest lecture
Prof. Dr. Georg Kaser, University of Innsbruck
+1.5°C – Policy change: Global Climate and Climate Politics
RISC, Hagenberg