05.10.2023  13:45 Seminar Algebra and Discrete Mathematics
Manuel Kauers,
The Theorem of Gessel and Viennot
MT 327
05.10.2023  15:30 RICAM Colloquium
Tanja Tarvainen, University of Eastern Finland
Tomography using light and sound
SP2 416-2
12.10.2023  13:45 Seminar Algebra and Discrete Mathematics
Clement Pernet, U Grenoble
On the complexity of computing the characteristic polynomial
19.10.2023  13:45 Seminar Algebra and Discrete Mathematics
Cyrille Chenavier, U Limoges
Computation of Koszul homology and application to involutivity of partial differential system
MT 327
09.11.2023  13:45 Seminar Algebra and Discrete Mathematics
Sergey Yurkevich, U Wien
Biomembranes and creative telescoping
MT 327
16.11.2023  13:45 Seminar Algebra and Discrete Mathematics
Gerhard Wendt,
0-primitive near-rings
MT 327
16.11.2023  15:30 IFAS Research Seminar
Yarema Okhrin,
Computer-vision-based Bitcoin price forecasting with relevance-based clustering
S2 Z74
23.11.2023  13:45 Seminar Algebra and Discrete Mathematics
Shaoshi Chen, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Dynamics of P-recursive Sequences
MT 327
23.11.2023  15:30 IFAS Research Seminar
Camelia Trandafir,
Age-specific spatio-temporal patterns of ovarian cancer mortality in Spain
S2 Z74
11.01.2024  15:30 IFAS Research Seminar
Gernot Filipp,
„Grenzgebiete“ – Überschneidungen von Theorie und Praxis in der amtlichen Statistik
S2 Z74
18.01.2024  15:30 IFAS Research Seminar
Herwig Friedl,
Hands-on Applications of Mixture models
S2 Z74
25.01.2024  15:30 IFAS Research Seminar
Lenka Filova,
Computing optimal designs of multifactor experiments
S2 Z74
11.02.2024  09:00 Projektwoche Angewandte Mathematik
Wanted !, Projektleiter*innen
Projektwoche Angewandte Mathematik für Schüler*innen, 11. 2. - 15.2.2024