18.11.2019  13:30 Guest lecture
Prof. Raimundas Vidunas, University of Vilnius, Lithuania
Deformations of Belyi maps and dessins d'enfant
RISC, Hagenberg
18.11.2019  17:15 Johannes Kepler Symposium Series B
Clemens Hofreither,
Fast algorithms for tensor product discretizations in Isogeometric Analysis and beyond
S2 416-2
19.11.2019  10:30 Computer Algebra Seminar - RISC
R. Vidunas, Univ. Vilnius
Differential equations and Belyi maps
RISC, Schloss Hagenb
19.11.2019  12:45 Seminar Geometrie
Josua Sassen, Universität Bonn
Constructing Low-Dimensional Submanifolds in Nonlinear Rotation-Invariant Coordinates
S2 046
19.11.2019  13:45 Guest lecture
Zijia Li, JKU
Factorization of special motion polynomials & Flexible polyhedra
SP2 416-1
20.11.2019  15:30 Seminar Analysis
David Damanik, Rice University
The topological structure of the spectrum of almost periodic Schrödinger operators
S2 219
20.11.2019  16:15 Johannes Kepler Symposium Series B
Massimiliano Tamborrino,
Stochastic modelling and statistical inference for stochastic and point processes
S3 047
21.11.2019  13:45 Seminar Algebra and Discrete Mathematics
Sebastian Kreinecker,
Monomial Clones
S2 219
21.11.2019  13:45 Guest lecture
Marco Zank, University of Vienna, Austria
Parabolic and Hyperbolic PDEs: Space-Time Variational Formulations and Their Discretisations
S2 416-1
26.11.2019  14:00 Lecture Series Artificial Inteligence
Sepp Hochreiter, JKU Linz
Deep Learning: The Key Technology Of Artificial Intelligence
HS 1
28.11.2019  13:45 Seminar Algebra and Discrete Mathematics
Jakob Moosbauer,
The degree of functions between Abelian groups
S2 219
28.11.2019  15:30 IFAS Research Seminar
Haipeng Li, CAS-MPG
Supervised learning for analyzing large-scale genome-wide DNA polymorphism data
S2 Z74
03.12.2019  14:00 Lecture Series Artificial Inteligence
Matthias Spielkamp, Algorithm Watch, Berlin, Germany
HS 1
05.12.2019  13:45 Seminar Algebra and Discrete Mathematics
Gargi Mukherjee,
S2 219
05.12.2019  15:30 IFAS Research Seminar
Hao Wang, Jilin University
Dependence structure between Chinese Shanghai and Shenzhen stock market based on copulas and cluster analysis
S2 Z74
06.12.2019  09:00
Österreichische Studienstiftung,
SP2 416-1+2
10.12.2019  14:00 Lecture Series Artificial Inteligence
Gerfried Stocker, Ars Electronica, Linz
HS 1
12.12.2019  13:45 Seminar Algebra and Discrete Mathematics
Philipp Nuspl,
The complexity of solving equations over groups
S2 219
17.12.2019  14:00 Lecture Series Artificial Inteligence
Marcin Skowron, Friedrich Neubarth, OFAI, Vienna
HS 1
19.12.2019  13:45 Seminar Algebra and Discrete Mathematics
Clemens Hofstadler,
S2 219
19.12.2019  14:30 Seminar Algebra and Discrete Mathematics
Guenter Pilz,
S2 219
07.01.2020  14:00 Lecture Series Artificial Inteligence
Martha Larson, Radboud University & TU Delft, Netherlands
HS 1
09.01.2020  13:45 Seminar Algebra and Discrete Mathematics
Manfred Buchacher,
S2 219
14.01.2020  14:00 Lecture Series Artificial Inteligence
Alexios Balatsoukas, TU Eindhoven, Netherlands
HS 1
16.01.2020  13:45 Seminar Algebra and Discrete Mathematics
Marcus Aichmayr,
S2 219
16.01.2020  14:30 Seminar Algebra and Discrete Mathematics
Maximilian Jaroschek,
First order differential and difference systems in Sage
S2 219
21.01.2020  14:00 Lecture Series Artificial Inteligence
Holger Hoos, University of Leiden & CLAIRE, Netherlands
HS 1
23.01.2020  13:45 Seminar Algebra and Discrete Mathematics
Stefano Fioravanti,
S2 219
23.01.2020  15:30 IFAS Research Seminar
Peter Filzmoser, TU Wien
Robust and sparse k-means clustering in high dimension
S2 Z74
28.01.2020  14:00 Lecture Series Artificial Inteligence
Hendrik Strobelt, IBM Research, Cambridge, USA
HS 1
30.01.2020  13:45 Seminar Algebra and Discrete Mathematics
Thibaut Verron,
S2 219