20.09.2017  13:00 PhD defense
Roland Wagner, RICAM
From Adaptive Optics systems to Point Spread Function Reconstruction and Deconvolution for Extremely Large Telescopes
SP2 416-2
19.09.2017  10:15 Guest lecture
Jan Vrsek, University of West Bohemia
Reconstruction of surfaces from given contours and silhouettes
S2 416-1
14.09.2017  11:15 DART VIII
Martin Scheicher,
Groebner Bases over Finitely Generated Affine Monoids and Applications to Systems of Difference Equations
14.09.2017  10:40 DART VIII
James Freitag,
The algebraic relations between solutions of Painleve equations
14.09.2017  09:35 DART VIII
Annette Bachmayr,
Differential Galois theory over large fields of constants
14.09.2017  09:00 DART VIII
Xing Gao,
On integro-differential algebras
13.09.2017  16:15 DART VIII
Viktor Levandovskyy,
Factorization of Noncommutative Polynomials
13.09.2017  15:40 DART VIII
Zoe Chatzidakis,
Notions of difference closures of difference fields
13.09.2017  14:35 DART VIII
Jacques-Arthur Weil,
Reduction and Differential Galois Group of Reducible Linear Differential Systems
13.09.2017  14:00 DART VIII
Shaoshi Chen,
Some open problems related to creative telescoping
13.09.2017  11:50 DART VIII
Mohamed Barakat,
Programming categories
13.09.2017  11:15 DART VIII
Irena Kogan,
Generalization of an integrability theorem of Darboux
13.09.2017  10:40 DART VIII
David Blasquez Sanz,
Parallelisms, Lie connections, and transitive Lie algebra actions
13.09.2017  09:35 DART VIII
Silvain Rideau,
13.09.2017  09:00 DART VIII
Alberto De Sole,
Quantum finite and classical affine W-algebras for classical Lie algebras
12.09.2017  11:15 DART VIII
Michael Wibmer,
Triviality of Torsors for Difference Algebraic Groups
12.09.2017  10:40 DART VIII
Matthias Seiss,
On the generic Inverse Problem for the Classical Groups
12.09.2017  09:35 DART VIII
Sonja Rueda,
One-parameter form factorizations of KdV stationary Schroedinger operators
12.09.2017  09:00 DART VIII
Jonathan Kirby,
Interdefinability of analytic functions using Ax-Schanuel
11.09.2017  16:15 DART VIII
Jacques Sauloy,
Local analytic theory of $q$-difference equations
11.09.2017  15:40 DART VIII
Johannes Middeke,
A Direct Method for Denominator Bounds of Linear Recurrence Systems
11.09.2017  14:35 DART VIII
Lou van den Dries,
Differential henselianity
11.09.2017  14:00 DART VIII
Matthias Aschenbrenner,
Valued differential fields
11.09.2017  11:50 DART VIII
Ruyong Feng,
Difference Galois groups under specialization
11.09.2017  11:15 DART VIII
Mark van Hoeij,
Algorithms for Solving Linear Differential Equations with Rational Function Coefficients
11.09.2017  10:40 DART VIII
Wei Li,
Differential Chow forms and differential Chow varieties: an overview
11.09.2017  09:35 DART VIII
Alexander V. Mikhailov,
The space of symmetric squares of hyperelliptic curves: infinite-dimensional Lie algebras and polynomial integrable dynamical systems on C^4
11.09.2017  09:00 DART VIII
Victor Buchstaber,
Infinite-dimensional Lie algebras with the structures of finite generated modules
08.09.2017  11:00 CMAPT Workshop
Veselina Vucheva,
Energy preserving finite difference schemes for sixth order Boussinesq equation
S2 416
08.09.2017  09:45 CMAPT Workshop
Clemens Hofreither,
On best uniform approximation with low-rank matrices
S2 416
08.09.2017  09:00 CMAPT Workshop
Christoph Koutschan,
Computing the number of realizations of Laman graphs
S2 416
07.09.2017  11:45 CMAPT Workshop
Jarle Sogn,
Robust preconditioners for multiple saddle point problems - an infinite-dimensional perspective
S2 416
07.09.2017  11:00 CMAPT Workshop
Krassimira Vlachkova,
How to compare Bezier curves and surfaces for coincidence?
S2 416
07.09.2017  09:45 CMAPT Workshop
Rumen Uluchev,
Estimates for the best constant in a Markov $L_2$-inequality with the assistance of computer algebra
S2 416
07.09.2017  09:00 CMAPT Workshop
Georg Grasegger,
Symbolic computation of Zolotarev polynomials
S2 416
06.09.2017  11:45 CMAPT Workshop
Georgi Georgiev,
Non-integrability of the Hamiltonian system with a Dyson potential
S2 416
06.09.2017  11:00 CMAPT Workshop
Diego Dominici,
Orthogonality of the Dickson polynomials of the $(k+1)$-th kind
S2 416
06.09.2017  09:45 CMAPT Workshop
Jakob Ablinger,
Differential and difference equations for iterated integrals and nested sums
S2 416
06.09.2017  09:00 CMAPT Workshop
Stefan Takacs,
Multigrid methods for multipatch Isogeometric Analysis
S2 416
05.09.2017  11:15 CMAPT Workshop
Veronika Pillwein,
Positivity of rational function
S2 416
05.09.2017  10:00 CMAPT Workshop
Stanislav Harizanov,
Estimating the joint spectral radius of an infinite family of operators
S2 416
05.09.2017  09:15 CMAPT Workshop
Geno Nikolov,
Markov $L_2$ inequality with the Gegenbauer weight
S2 416
24.08.2017  13:00 Guest lecture
Stefan Meingast, University of Vienna
Group Seminar
SP2 416-1
24.08.2017  10:00 PhD defense
Helene Laimer, RICAM
High-dimensional algorithms - Tractability and componentwise constructions
SP2 416-2
09.08.2017  10:00 PhD defense
Benjamin Eichinger, Institute of Analysis
Periodic GMP matrices and asymptotics of extremal polynomials for Chebyshev and Ahlfors problems in the complex plane
S3 057
02.08.2017  13:00 Kommissionelles Rigorosum
DI Andreas Thalhammer, DK "Computational Mathematics"
Numerical methods for stochastic partial differential equations. Analysis of stability and efficiency
S2 054
20.07.2017  10:30 Guest lecture
Andrea Aspri,
On the direct and inverse problem of a linear elastic model coming from volcanology
SP2 416-2
14.07.2017  09:00
Quantitative Tomographic Imaging – Radon meets Bell and Maxwell
SP2 416-2
13.07.2017  10:00 Seminar Geometrie
Prof. Rumpf, University of Bonn
Variational time discretization of Riemannian splines
HS 18 (S3 Z17)
13.07.2017  09:00
Quantitative Tomographic Imaging – Radon meets Bell and Maxwell
SP2 416-2
12.07.2017  16:30 Guest lecture
Florian Faucher,
Stability and convergence for seismic reconstruction using full waveform inversion
SP2 416-2
12.07.2017  15:30 Guest lecture
Ville Rimpilainen,
Bayesian uncertainty modelling in electroencephalography (EEG) source imaging
SP2 416-2
12.07.2017  10:05 Seminar Algebra and Discrete Mathematics
Florian Aichinger,
Dickson & Beyond (Presentation of the Bachelor's Thesis)
K 223 B
12.07.2017  09:00
Quantitative Tomographic Imaging – Radon meets Bell and Maxwell
SP2 416-2
11.07.2017  15:00 DK Seminar
Matteo Gallet, DK
Planar linkages following a prescribed motion
BA 9910
11.07.2017  14:00 DK Seminar
Daniel Jodlbauer, DK
Introduction to Fluid-Structure Interaction
BA 9910
11.07.2017  13:00 DK Seminar
Hui Huang, DK
Rational creative telescoping via reduction
BA 9910
11.07.2017  11:00 DK Seminar
Nicolas Smoot, DK
Partitions and Divisibility
BA 9910
11.07.2017  10:00 DK Seminar
Victoria Hutterer, DK
New ideas of wavefront reconstruction in AO based on the inversion of the finite Hilbert transform
BA 9910
11.07.2017  09:00
Quantitative Tomographic Imaging – Radon meets Bell and Maxwell
SP2 416-2
11.07.2017  09:00 DK Seminar
Bernhard Endtmayer, DK
Introduction to Phase Field Fracture
BA 9910
10.07.2017  15:00 DK Seminar
Andreas Thalhammer, DK
Stochastic numerics or numerical stochastics: How to handle randomness in simulations
BA 9910
10.07.2017  14:00 DK Seminar
Simon Hubmer, DK
A Royal Road to Lost Causes or How to Solve Inverse Problems
BA 9910
10.07.2017  13:00 DK Seminar
Antonio Jimenez Pastor, DK
To Holonomic and Beyond -- $D^k$-Finite Functions
BA 9910
10.07.2017  11:00 DK Seminar
Mehdi Makhul, DK
BA 9910
10.07.2017  10:00 DK Seminar
Christoph Hofer,
IETI - Isogeometric Tearing and Interconnecting methods
BA 9910
10.07.2017  09:00
Quantitative Tomographic Imaging – Radon meets Bell and Maxwell
SP2 416-2
10.07.2017  09:00 DK Seminar
Agnes Seiler, DK
Spline Fitting with Additional Normal Data
BA 9910
07.07.2017  09:00
Workshop Isogeometric Analysis
S2 0346
06.07.2017  14:45 Seminar Algebra and Discrete Mathematics
Jakub Bulin,
Relaxing constraint problems
S2 054
06.07.2017  14:15 Seminar Algebra and Discrete Mathematics
Andrew Moorhead, University of Colorado
Abelianness in Universal Algebra
S2 054
06.07.2017  13:45 Seminar Algebra and Discrete Mathematics
Peter Mayr, University of Colorado
Generators for subdirect products of loops
S2 054
06.07.2017  09:00
Workshop Isogeometric Analysis
S2 0346
05.07.2017  10:00 Seminar Geometrie
Marina Brovka,
Some advances in Isogeometric Analysis: parameterization method and local refinement strategy for spline spaces
S2 0354
29.06.2017  13:45 Linz Algebra Research Day (LARD)
Arne Winterhof,
Linear complexity, maximum order complexity, and expansion complexity
S2 416
29.06.2017  13:30 Linz Algebra Research Day (LARD)
Wilfried Meidl,
Bent and generalized bent functions
S2 416
29.06.2017  13:15 Linz Algebra Research Day (LARD)
Richard Hofer,
A bound on the arithmetic autocorrelation of the Legendre sequence
S2 416
29.06.2017  13:00 Linz Algebra Research Day (LARD)
Milan Stehlik,
Applications of Lattice-valued bornological via aggregations
S2 416
29.06.2017  12:45 Linz Algebra Research Day (LARD)
Erhard Aichinger,
Basics of the algebraic approach to constraint satisfaction problems
S2 416
29.06.2017  12:30 Linz Algebra Research Day (LARD)
Manuel Kauers,
Generalized series solutions of linear recurrence equations
S2 416
29.06.2017  12:15 Linz Algebra Research Day (LARD)
Tim Boykett,
Distributivity in planar nearrings
S2 416
29.06.2017  12:00 Linz Algebra Research Day (LARD)
Guenter Pilz,
A combinatorial inequality
S2 416
28.06.2017  13:30 Linz Algebra Research Day (LARD)
Christoph Koutschan,
Echelons of power series
S2 416
28.06.2017  13:15 Linz Algebra Research Day (LARD)
Michael (Xinxin) Zhong,
Decompositions of longest permutations
S2 416
28.06.2017  13:00 Linz Algebra Research Day (LARD)
Clemens Raab,
Operators with matrix coefficients and tensor rings
S2 416
28.06.2017  12:45 Linz Algebra Research Day (LARD)
Laszlo Merai,
On dynamically-irreducible polynomials
S2 416
28.06.2017  12:30 Linz Algebra Research Day (LARD)
Hui Huang,
Rational functions with positive coefficients
S2 416
28.06.2017  12:15 Linz Algebra Research Day (LARD)
Maria Francis,
Multivariate ideal lattices in cryptography
S2 416
28.06.2017  12:00 Linz Algebra Research Day (LARD)
Peter Mayr,
Reidemeister-Schreier for Rings
S2 416
28.06.2017  11:15 Advances in Knowledge-Based Technologies
R. Yakobenchuk, SCCH
Image analysis of cytoskeletal network dynamics
S3 048
28.06.2017  10:45 Advances in Knowledge-Based Technologies
M. Rossbory, SCCH
Efficient Dynamic Pinning of Parallelized Applications by Distributed Reinforcement Learning
S3 048
28.06.2017  10:00 Advances in Knowledge-Based Technologies
B. Moser, SCCH
Quasi-Isometry Theory for Threshold-Based Sampling
S3 048
28.06.2017  09:30 Advances in Knowledge-Based Technologies
E. Lughofer, KBMS/FLLL
Incremental Rule Splitting in Generalized Evolving Fuzzy Regression Models
S3 048
22.06.2017  13:45 Seminar Algebra and Discrete Mathematics
Gleb Pogudin,
Existence of Solutions for Systems of Nonlinear Difference Equations
S2 054
22.06.2017  13:45 NuMa Seminar
Stephan Dempe,
Bilevel Optimization: Applications, Properties and Algorithms
BA 9907
22.06.2017  13:45 Seminar Analysis
Michal Wojciechowski, IMPAN, Warsaw
On the number of Auerbach base
S2 046
22.06.2017  12:00 NASPDE 2017
David Siska, University of Edinburgh
L^p-estimates and regularity for SPDEs with monotone semilinearity
Festsaal B
22.06.2017  11:10 NASPDE 2017
Andrea Barth, University of Stuttgart
Simulation of infinite-dimensional Levy processes
Festsaal B
22.06.2017  10:15
Andreas Thoma,
Tractability of High-Dimensional Integrals
MT 327
22.06.2017  09:50 NASPDE 2017
Ludovic Goudenege, CNRS
Numerical computation about metastable states of phase separation models
Festsaal B
22.06.2017  09:00 NASPDE 2017
David Silvester, University of Manchester
An adaptive algorithm for PDE problems with random data
Festsaal B
21.06.2017  14:20 NASPDE 2017
Aretha Teckentrup, University of Edinburgh
Quasi- and Multilevel Monte Carlo Methods for Computing Posterior Expectations
Festsaal B
21.06.2017  13:30 NASPDE 2017
Michael Tretyakov, University of Nottingham
Uncertainty Quantification for moving boundary problems
Festsaal B
21.06.2017  12:00 Guest lecture
Giancarlo Travaglini,
Integer points in large convex bodies
SP2 416-2
21.06.2017  11:00 Guest lecture
Dmitriy Bilyk,
Uniform distribution problems on the sphere
SP2 416-2
21.06.2017  10:35 NASPDE 2017
Gabriel Lord, Heriott Watt University
Efficient time discretisation of parabolic SPDEs
Festsaal B
21.06.2017  09:45 NASPDE 2017
David Cohen, University of Umea
A fully discrete approximation of the one-dimensional stochastic heat equation
Festsaal B
20.06.2017  14:55 Seminar Analysis
Maciej Rzeszut, IMPAN, Warsaw
Borgain-Kwapien projection: old and new results
S3 058
20.06.2017  13:45 Seminar Analysis
Rami Ayoush, IMPAN Warsaw
On the Hausdorff dimension of vector valued measures on groups
S3 058
20.06.2017  12:00 Guest lecture
Giancarlo Travaglini,
An introduction to the study of College Math
S2 046
19.06.2017  15:30 Guest lecture
Martin Vohralik, INRIA Paris
Polynomial-degree-robust a posteriori error estimates in a unified setting and applications
SP2 416-2
14.06.2017  17:15 Johannes Kepler Symposium Series D
Bernd Thaller,
Was kann man in Mathematik zu Beginn des Studiums?
HS 13
14.06.2017  14:55 Seminar Analysis
Krystian Kazaniecki, IMPAN, Warsaw
On the equivalence between spaces of the trigonometric polynomials in one and several variables
MT 226
14.06.2017  13:45 Seminar Analysis
Przemyslaw Ohrysko, IMPAN, Warsaw
Non-separability of the Gelfand space of measure algebras
MT 226
13.06.2017  15:30 NuMa Seminar
Ludwig Mitter,
On Linearized Plate Theory and the Derivation and Justification of the Kirchhoff-Love and the Mindlin-Reissner Plate Bending Models
S2 059
13.06.2017  13:45 NuMa Seminar
Olaf Steinbach,
A coercive space time finite element method for parabolic problems
S2 059
13.06.2017  11:00 Guest lecture
Mattia Bongini, Barcelona Graduate School of Economics
Optimal Control Problems in Transport Dynamics
SP2 416-1
09.06.2017  10:15
Niels Lubbes, RICAM
Surfaces containing two circles through a general point in higher dimensions
SP2 416-1
08.06.2017  14:30 Seminar Algebra and Discrete Mathematics
Ronghua Wang,
Lattice Walks in the Octant with Infinite Groups
S2 054
08.06.2017  13:45 Seminar Algebra and Discrete Mathematics
Michael (Xinxin) Zhong,
Determinant and Involution
S2 054
07.06.2017  12:15 Guest lecture
Jens Oettershagen, University Bonn
On the construction of optimal cubature formulas with application to uncertainty quantification
S2 054
06.06.2017  14:00 Guest lecture
Prof. Mohab Safey El Din, Sorbonne Universités
Roadmap algorithms in real algebraic geometry for deciding connectivity queries
SP2 416-2
01.06.2017  15:30 Probability Theory and Statistics
Jozef Kiseľák, LIT&IFAS
On developments in 2nd order stochastic differential equations
S2 Z74
01.06.2017  14:30 Seminar Algebra and Discrete Mathematics
Erhard Aichinger,
Dickson's Lemma and beyond: a survey of basic results in order theory
S2 054
01.06.2017  13:45 Seminar Algebra and Discrete Mathematics
Kalle Kaarli, University of Tartu
Representation of integral quantales by tolerances
S2 054
31.05.2017  13:45 MathemaTech
A. Hofstätter,
REP G (Unicenter)
30.05.2017  16:15 NuMa Seminar
Stefan Takacs,
Recent progress in Multigrid Methods for multi-patch IgA discretizations
S2 059
30.05.2017  15:30 NuMa Seminar
Clemens Hofreither,
A Black-Box Algorithm for Fast Matrix Assembly in Isogeometric Analysis
S2 059
26.05.2017  10:15 Guest lecture
Alden Pixley, Harvey Mudd College, Claremont, CA, USA
Extending Boolean algebras: arithmetical algebras and their congruence relations
HS 19
24.05.2017  10:15 Seminar Geometrie
Guest: Yannick Masson,
Existence and construction of Chebyshev nets with singularities and application to gridshells
23.05.2017  15:30 NuMa Seminar
Craig C. Douglas,
On Solving Large, Ill Conditioned Linear Systems
S2 059
19.05.2017  10:15 PhD defense
Dominik Mokriš,
Completeness of Hierarchical Spline Spaces and Low Rank Interpolation
S2 046
19.05.2017  09:00
Linz STEM Education Conference
SP2 416
18.05.2017  15:30 Probability Theory and Statistics
Thomas Augustin, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München
Imprecise Probabilities – A New Paradigm for Statistical Modelling
S2 Z74
18.05.2017  13:45 Seminar Algebra and Discrete Mathematics
Jamal Hossein Poor,
Computing with additive operators having matrix coefficients
S2 054
18.05.2017  13:00
Linz STEM Education Conference
SP2 416
18.05.2017  10:15 Computer Algebra Seminar - RISC
Dr. Gleb Pogudin, Institut f. Algebra, JKU
Some effective bounds for algebraic differential and difference equations
Seminar room Schloss
18.05.2017  10:15
Helene Laimer,
Component-by-component constructions of (polynomial) lattice point sets
MT 327
12.05.2017  15:15 AEC Seminar
Christian Krattenthaler,
Smith normal forms of combinatorial matrices
S2 046
12.05.2017  14:00 AEC Seminar
Florian Aigner,
Polynomiality phenomena for FPLs and AS-Trapezoids
S2 046
12.05.2017  11:00 Habilitation Colloquium
Christoph Koutschan,
Quod Erat Demonstrandum -- Proofs by Computer
S3 048
11.05.2017  14:30 Seminar Algebra and Discrete Mathematics
Stuart D. Scott, Auckland, NZ
Generating all functions on a group by bijections of order n
S2 054
11.05.2017  13:45 Seminar Algebra and Discrete Mathematics
Gary Peterson, James Madison University, Harrisonburg, VA, USA
Tame extensions of nearrings
S2 054
11.05.2017  10:15
Mario Neumüller,
Sudler's sine product for irrational alpha
MT 327
04.05.2017  11:00 Guest lecture
Alberto Paganini, University of Oxford
Higher-order mesh-moving methods for PDE-constrained shape optimization
SP2 416-2
03.05.2017  12:45 JKU Linz School of Education Kolloquium
S. Reichenberger und L. Del Chicca,
Erfahrungen mit der neuen Studieneingangsphase Mathematik Lehramt
K 239C
03.05.2017  12:00 JKU Linz School of Education Kolloquium
B. Hauer und J. Reitinger,
Theorie, Praxis und Evaluierung forschender Lehrarrangements
K 239C
03.05.2017  10:30 Advances in Knowledge-Based Technologies
A.-C. Zavoianu,
Multi-Objective Topology Optimization of Electrical Machine Designs using Evolutionary Algorithms with Discrete and Real Encodings
Hagenberg, SCCH, 0/2
03.05.2017  10:00 Advances in Knowledge-Based Technologies
W. Zellinger,
Deep Learning Trends and ICLR2017 - With a Bias Towards Transfer Learning
Hagenberg, SCCH, 0/2
03.05.2017  09:30 Advances in Knowledge-Based Technologies
F. Sobieczky,
Adaptive Model Predictive Control for the Domestic Energy Management Problem
Hagenberg, SCCH, 0/2
02.05.2017  15:30 NuMa Seminar
Ioannis Toulopoulos,
Stabilized finite element method for parabolic problems
S2 059
29.04.2017  09:30
SP2 416-2 (4th floor
28.04.2017  14:00 PhD defense
Stephen E. Moore,
Nonstandard Discretization Strategies In Isogeometric Analysis for Partial Differential Equations
S3 057
28.04.2017  13:30
SP2 416-2 (4th floor
28.04.2017  12:45 Guest lecture
Bernd Simeon, TU Kaiserslautern
Nonsmooth Contact Dynamics for the Large-Scale Simulation of Granular Material
S2 046
27.04.2017  13:45 Seminar Algebra and Discrete Mathematics
Hui Huang,
D-finite Numbers
S2 054
27.04.2017  10:15 Guest lecture
Dr. Roswitha Rissner, Institut für Analysis und Zahlentheorie TU Graz
Computing the J-ideals of a square matrix over a PID
HA 105
27.04.2017  10:15
Lisa Kaltenböck,
On the lower bound of the discrepancy of (t,m,s)-nets
MT 327
26.04.2017  09:00
T. Leuders, H. Pöchtrager, G. Grasegger,
Tag des Mathematikunterrichts
Unicenter; 2. Stock
25.04.2017  15:30 NuMa Seminar
Armin Fohler,
A posteriori Error Estimation for Adaptive Meshrefinement on Non-polygonal Domains
S2 059
25.04.2017  11:30 Kommissionelles Rigorosum
Ralph Kritzinger,
Point sets and sequences with the optimal order of Lp discrepancy
S3 048
07.04.2017  10:30 Guest lecture
Ian Frigaard, University of British Columbia
Flow of yield stress fluids: stopping, starting and practical applications
SP2 416-1
06.04.2017  13:45 Seminar Algebra and Discrete Mathematics
Maria Francis,
Groebner Bases theory over commutative rings -- some recent developments
S2 054
04.04.2017  12:45 Kommissionelles Rigorosum
DI Harald Hinterleitner, Stochastik
A stochastic version of the Jansen and Rit neural mass model - Analysis, numerics and filtering
S3 118
31.03.2017  15:30 Guest lecture
Renate Tobies,
Albert Einstein und die mathematische Community
S2 053
30.03.2017  13:45 Seminar Algebra and Discrete Mathematics
Gleb Pogudin,
Counting domino tilings with fixed density
S2 054
30.03.2017  10:15
Dominik Kloimstein,
Sterndiskrepanz in der Ebene
MT 327
29.03.2017  13:45 MathemaTech
M. Hohenwarter, H. Pöchtrager, S. Reichenberger,
Wettbewerbe & GeoGebra Exam
Festsaal B
28.03.2017  15:30 NuMa Seminar
Svetlana Matculevich,
Functional a posteriori error estimates and adaptivity for IgA schemes
S2 059
28.03.2017  14:00 PhD defense
Helene Ranetbauer, RICAM
On nonlinear PDE models for crowded transport in the life and social sciences
SP2 416-2
23.03.2017  13:45 Seminar Algebra and Discrete Mathematics
Sebastian Kreinecker,
Generating integer polynomials using function composition
S2 054
23.03.2017  10:15
Wolfgang Stockinger,
On the lower bound of the discrepancy of Halton's sequence
MT 327
21.03.2017  15:30 NuMa Seminar
Bernhard Endtmayer,
Adaptive Mesh Refinement for Multiple Goal Functionals
S2 059
16.03.2017  17:15 Guest lecture
Renate Tobies,
Deutsch-Französische Beziehungen in der Mathematik. Charles Hermite: Felix Klein – un nouveau Josué dans la terre promise
S2 053
16.03.2017  15:30 Guest lecture
Benedikt Pötscher, Department of Applied Statistics
Controlling the Size of Autocorrelation Robust Tests
S2 Z74
16.03.2017  13:45 Seminar Algebra and Discrete Mathematics
Manuel Kauers,
No News on Matrix Multiplication
S2 054
16.03.2017  11:00 Guest lecture
Bence Borda,
The L2 discrepancy of the irrational rotation
MT 226/1
16.03.2017  10:30 Guest lecture
Sanghyeon Yu, ETH Zurich
Plasmonic interaction between nanospheres
SP2 416-1
10.03.2017  15:30 Guest lecture
Renate Tobies,
Die Anfänge: Erste Zahlzeichen, Zahlwörter, Zahlsysteme und Zahlbegriff
S2 053
09.03.2017  17:30 Guest lecture
Renate Tobies,
Carl Friedrich Gauß: Mathematik und Anwendungen - eine singuläre Erscheinung in der Mathematikgeschichte -
S2 053
09.03.2017  14:30 Seminar Algebra and Discrete Mathematics
Wen-Fong Ke, National Cheng Kung University
Polynomial Rings Over Nil Rings in Several Variables
S2 054
09.03.2017  13:45 Seminar Algebra and Discrete Mathematics
Hubert Kiechle, Uni Hamburg
Number of solutions of the equation ax^m + by^m - cz^m = 1
S2 054
02.03.2017  15:00 Seminar Analysis
Thomas Schlumprecht, Texas A&M University
A classical algebra of bounded linear operators with infinitely many closed subideals
S2 219
15.02.2017  14:30
Testen der Beispiele für den internationelen Mathematikwettbewerb Náboj
S3 055
15.02.2017  13:45 PhD defense
Yi Zhang,
Univariate Contraction and Multivariate Desingularization of Ore Ideals
S3 047
15.02.2017  10:15 PhD defense
Hui Huang,
Definite Sums of Hypergeometric Terms and Limits of P-Recursive Sequences
S3 047
14.02.2017  13:45 PhD defense
Peter Gangl, Doctoral Program
Sensitivity-Based Topology and Shape Optimization with Application to Electrical Machines
S2 048
09.02.2017  13:00 PhD defense
Matus Benko,
Numerical Methods for Mathematical Programs with Disjunctive Constraints
S3 048
09.02.2017  10:15 NuMa Seminar
Jiri V. Outrata,
On Cournot-Nash-Walras Equilibria and Their Computation
S3 057
08.02.2017  14:00 Seminar Algorithmic Combinatorics
Prof. George E. Andrews, Pennsylvania State University
4-Shadows in q-Series: Gupta, Kimberling, the Garden of Eden and the OEIS.
Seminarroom Hagenber
07.02.2017  11:00 Guest lecture
Prof. George E. Andrews, Pennsylvania State University
The Man Who Knew Infinity: the Movie, the Man, and the Mathematics
RISC Seminarroom (Ha
07.02.2017  09:00 Guest lecture
various, details see below, RISC, Hagenberg
*Workshop* Computer Algebra and Elementary Particle Theory at the Large Scale: 10 Years of JKU-DESY Collaboration
Seminarrooms, castle
07.02.2017  09:00 Linz Seminar on Fuzzy Set Theory
37th Linz Seminar on Fuzzy Set Theory, JKU - FLLL
Enriched Category Theory and Related Topics
BZ St.Magdalena
02.02.2017  14:00 Seminar Algebra and Discrete Mathematics
Giovanni Soldá,
Reverse Mathematics and Weihrauch Reducibility for Partial and Linear Orders
S3 048
02.02.2017  10:15 Guest lecture
Mikhail Skopenkow, NRU Moscow
Surfaces containing two circles through each point
S2 059
02.02.2017  10:15 Seminar Algebra and Discrete Mathematics
Carl Maxson,
Forcing linearity
S3 048
01.02.2017  13:00 Advances in Knowledge-Based Technologies
G. Badia,
An Algebraic Characterization of the Variable Sharing Property
Hagenberg, SCCH, 0/2
01.02.2017  12:30 Advances in Knowledge-Based Technologies
J. Martinez-Gil,
Accurate Semantic Similarity Measurement of Biomedical Nomenclature by means of Fuzzy Logic'
Hagenberg, SCCH, 0/2
31.01.2017  16:15 NuMa Seminar
Jarle Sogn,
Robust preconditioners for optimality systems - an infinite-dimensional perspective
S2 059
31.01.2017  15:30 NuMa Seminar
Christoph Hofer,
Exact and Inexact IETI-DP Solvers for Continuous and Discontinuous Galerkin IgA Equations
S2 059
31.01.2017  13:45 Guest lecture
Ida Aichinger,
Simulation of Residual Gas Particles in an Ultrahigh Vacuum System
S3 047
26.01.2017  13:45 Seminar Algebra and Discrete Mathematics
Guenter Pilz,
Semi-homogeneous maps, with applications
MT 226
25.01.2017  13:45 MathemaTech
J. Hohenwarter, B. Bencze and A. Lindner,
GeoGebra Phone Apps & Groups
MZ 003A
25.01.2017  10:15 Guest lecture
Balázs Boros, RICAM
Dynamics of the Lotka reactions with generalized mass-action kinetics
SP2 416-1
20.01.2017  15:15 AEC Seminar
Cristian-Silviu Radu,
Eta Quotients and Groebner Bases
S2 059
20.01.2017  14:00 AEC Seminar
Florian Aigner,
Polynomiality phenomenon for FPLs and AST-Trapezoids
S2 059
19.01.2017  13:45 Seminar Algebra and Discrete Mathematics
Yi Zhang,
Removing Apparent Singularities of D-finite Ideals
MT 226
19.01.2017  10:15 Computer Algebra Seminar - RISC
Dr. TRAN Khanh Linh, RISC,
Kaehler differential algebras for 0-dimensional scheme
Schloss Hagenberg
17.01.2017  15:30 NuMa Seminar
Ioannis Toulopoulos,
Multipatch space and space time IgA
S2 059
17.01.2017  13:45 Seminar Analysis
Karen Keryan, Yerevan State University
Orthonormal spline systems on $mathbb{R}$ with zero means as basis in the Hardy space on the real line
S2 219
13.01.2017  09:00 STEM Education Seminars
M. Hohenwarter, Z. Lavicza,
STEM Education Conference
HT 177F
12.01.2017  13:45 Seminar Algebra and Discrete Mathematics
Matteo Gallet,
Ulrich modules and Chow forms, and how to encode a variety
MT 226
12.01.2017  12:30 Guest lecture
Michel Lavrauw,
Classification of orbits in $mathbb{F}^{2} otimes mathbb{F}^{3} otimes mathbb{r}, r ge 1$
RICAM Seminar-Raum
12.01.2017  12:30 STEM Education Seminars
M. Hohenwarter, Z. Lavicza,
STEM Education Conference
S2 054
10.01.2017  15:30 Guest lecture
Bruce C. Berndt, University of Illinois
CANCELLED - Ramanujan and his notebooks
HS 18
10.01.2017  12:30 PhD defense
Liangjie Ye, Doctoral Program, JKU
Complex Analysis Based Computer Algebra Algorithms for Proving Jacobi Theta Function Identities
S2 416-2
10.01.2017  10:15 Guest lecture
Dr.Eng. Konstantinos V. Kostas, Nazarbayev University, Kazakhstan
Construction of Smooth Branching Surfaces using T-splines
SP2 416-1