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Documenting Nearrings

Having access to a library of all small nearrings and all important algorithms efficiently working at least for nearrings of small size, enabled us to come up with an ``Encyclopedia of Small Nearrings'' ([12]) in the style of the encyclopedia of small groups published by Thomas and Wood ([32]). The latter has proved essential to group theorists, and a preliminary version of [12] presented at the Conference on Nearrings and Nearfields in Stellenbosch raised such great interest that it appears feasible that [12] may become the ``Thomas-Wood'' for nearringers. The most important 150 pages, including all nearrings with identity of size up to 15 together with some special ones, are planned to be published in the proceedings of the above conference, and therefore will be easily available to all researchers in nearring theory. The remaining information will be made available as part of SONATA and by online access.

Juergen Ecker
Wed May 13 09:13:56 CEST 1998