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The following work is to be done:

  1. Developing data-structures for representing near-rings.
  2. Developing algorithms for computing with these data-structures. This part comprises writing prototypes for the invented functions and representations.
  3. Implementing the data-structures according to the design-rules of GAP.
  4. Implementing the algorithms.
  5. Writing functions that link the near-ring package to the applications of near-ring theory, e.g. functions producing BIB-designs from planar near-rings.
  6. Investigating some classes of near-rings using our system.
  7. Writing the manual and on-line help for the near-ring package.
We plan to do the work as follows during the 15 months of the project.


Juergen Ecker
Tue Jan 7 14:51:38 MET 1997