All computation times are taken on an HP9000/735 workstation with 125 MHz and 144 MB RAM.
so interesting that H.Wielandt proposed the characterization of such near-rings to his student G.Betsch. Still today, though, we are far away from an answer.
It is interesting to notice that there is not much known about computing with rings - of course apart from the thorough knowledge one has about computing with polynomials over fields and apart from all branches of Gröbner basis-theory.
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namely the near-ring tex2html_wrap_inline559 . From [LN79] we know that this near-ring is uncountable. From [Aic95a] we get that it is contained in the same varieties of near-rings as the polynomial functions.
There are 15 affine complete groups of order less than 30. Three of them are non-abelian.

Juergen Ecker
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