The Nearring Newsletter

A publication shared between four universities, rotating on a more or less annual basis, the newsletter is the standard form of announcements in the nearring community. It contains references to and sometimes reviews of new and interesting relevent books and articles, resources of interest to nearringers (the Extended Cheers List being one such necessity) and sometimes the abstracts for nearring conferences and other such things. Its most important use might be seen as the distibution of the Nearring Biliography, a document that lists (hopefully) all nearring related papers that have been published, with a coded subject list and the authors addresses.

Since the Hamburg conference, it has been decided that the complete bibliography will only be published every two years or so, with updates appearing in the meantime. The bibliography is currently 102 pages long! We fully plan on continuing the distribution of the bibliography, as it grows almost exponentially.

The Newsletter is available to any interested people, it is automatically sent to those who are actively publishing, or can be obtained by the non-active for the measly price of 2DM or a similar amount, which can be either sent to Alan Oswald, or given to him in person at the next conference.

For those who like trees when they are green, an electronic version of the bibliography should be available soon.