Linz Algebra Research Day '09

We would like to invite everybody to an informal meeting of algebraists in Linz on Monday, June 22, 2009, 9:00 - 12:00, BA 9907, and, 13:45 - 17:00, T 111.

The idea is that people from the different departments (RICAM, RISC, Algebra department,...) and generally all who are interested in algebra come together and give a brief overview of their current research -- just so that people know what the others are doing.

To fit everybody, presentations should be no longer than 10 minutes, preferably on blackboard, and aiming at a general algebraic audience. If you plan to talk, please send a title to Peter Mayr.

Planned schedule:

  1. 9:00, Carsten Schneider: Symbolic Summation
  2. 9:15, Franz Winkler: Rational Algebraic Curves
  3. 9:30, Erhard Aichinger: Clones of polynomials
  4. 9:45, Clemens Raab: Symbolic Integration
  5. 10:00, Peter Mayr: Describing polynomial functions implicitly
  1. 10:30, Georg Regensburger, Markus Rosenkranz: Algebra of Boundary Problems and Integral Operators
  2. 10:45, Silviu Radu: Partition Congruences
  3. 11:00, Josef Schicho: Dual Quaternions and Movements in Space
  4. 11:15, Günter Pilz: Agriculture and Algebra
  5. 11:30, David Sevilla: Radical parametrizations of curves
  6. 11:45, Veronika Pillwein: Inequalities
  1. 13:45, Manuel Kauers: Together
  2. 14:00, Gary Peterson: Compatible extensions of near-rings
  3. 14:15, Arne Winterhof: Nonlinear recurrences over finite fields
  4. 14:30, Stuart Scott: What the solution of the n-gen problem is beginning to look like
  5. 14:45, Franz Binder: Algorithms for transformation near-rings
  6. 15:00, Gabor Hegedus: The Lex game and an application
  1. 15:30, Jonathan Farley: Matchings in the Permutation Lattice
  2. 15:45, Gottlieb Pirsic: Digital sequences and hyperplane nets
  3. 16:00, Tim Boykett: Polynomials and Order-preserving functions on lattices
  4. 16:15, Zafeirakis Zafeirakopoulos: Real Root Isolation
  5. 16:30, Gerhard Wendt: Near-rings with fixedpointfree units